Hitachi, i6e, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)


Multiple UPS units can be added to enhance the UPS rating or achieve a parallel configuration even while the
base units are running. No shutdown will not only ensure continuity of your critical operations but will also
ensure peace of mind with clean continuous power to all your sensitive equipments.
- Up to 8 UPS Systems can be configured as a parallel redundant system
- Option to expand UPS units for future expansion at marginal cost and smaller dimensions
- N+1 redundancy can be achieved without external system bypass switch
- Install additional units or maintain an existing unit without affecting the load
- Configure a highly robust and reliable system with dual input/output

Technical Specs

•Parallel or hot standby or split redundant system
•Input isolation transformer
•Output isolation transformer
•Bypass line regulator
•AC distribution panel
•PC based monitoring & recording unit
•RS - 485 communication port
•Monitoring on LAN through SNMP & profibus
•Remote annunciator
•Automatic shutdown kit
•DCS connectivity through modbus
•Individual battery health monitoring systems (BHMS)
•Emergency alerts via SMS
•Suitable for regenerative loads
•Back feed protection 

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