Hitachi i4+ Single Phase Industrial UPS Systems

I4 series of UPS systems have been designed to perform under extreme operating conditions that normally
exist in industrial environments. The use of Digital Signal Processors (DSP) has made the control loop of the
UPS system very stable, drift free and with better HMI for monitoring, control and precise settings of
parameters. High speed CAN bus interfaced sections make the system response very fast to handle the
extreme transient load conditions. Intelligent power device with sandwich bus architecture makes the
systems highly efficient and reliable. 

Technical Specs

  • IGBT  based PWM Inverter
  • Internal Interface on high speed CANbus
  • DSP  based system control
  • Fiber optic data communication
  • Redundant control power supply
  • Latest generation power devices
  • True power measurement
  • High resolution LC display
  • LED mimic system diagram
  • Rectifier options (refer SLD)
  • Charger compatible to all types of battery for industrial use
  • Fully rated Make before break type maintenance bypass switch
  • High branch fuse clearing capacity
  • Industrial grade enclosures
  • RS 485 link for external communication
  • Event log (with date & time) last 999
  • Programmable 8 nos. potential free (NO/NC) contacts

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