HS33-and-HM33 Series IT UPS

The HS & HM series three phase UPS incorporates advanced technology that increases performance and reliability. Three high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality power supply, and the high input power factor gives the HS33 & HM33 its energy-saving power. Also offering humanisation design with full front access serviceability and a user-friendly interface, the system ranges from 10-500 KVA.

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Technical Specs

  • HS33 range 10 - 40 kVA
  • HM33 range (60 -500 kVA) are made of multiple 30kVA or 50 kVA Hot-Swappable modules, HM33 range is scalable
  • Each module has an individual LCD display showing the status of voltage, current and frequency for ease of maintenance

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