NCX Nickel-cadmium batteries

The NCX battery has been designed to fulfill the demanding requirements of remote or outside telecom plants: local or access terminals, Base Transceiver Stations, Base Station Controllers, Optical Nodes Units, etc...

Technical Specs

Beneficial VRLA replacement
Compact and modular, NCX can adjust to most existing Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery compartments and is compatible with existing charging systems. With much longer life, predictable operation, less maintenance, and lower life cycle cost, NCX is a realistic and attractive alternative to troublesome VRLA batteries, particularly in extreme operating temperatures.

Simple configuration
For a typical 48 V bulk power application, 38 NCX cells are recommended, with 3 to 11 cells comprising each battery module. During operation, a fixed single rate charge voltage of 1.43 V/cell is recommended, rather than temperature compensated voltage control.

Central Watering System
Electrically interconnected NCX modules are linked by a Central Watering System (CWS). During operation, gases are channeled through the CWS and exhausted through a flame arrestor. The CWS single inlet to fill all cells and quick disconnects facilitate a swift and safe set-up when servicing the battery.

Reliable investment
Designed around stable components and corrosion-free chemistry, NCX makes problems like dry-out, grid corrosion, plate growth, and thermal runaway worries of the past. This stability allows for extended lifetime without frequent maintenance. At the end of the day, lower operating costs and less down time are guaranteed.

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