Fiamm SMG OPzV

Applications and  Key Benefits
OPzV cells    -   200Ah to 3000Ah nominal capacity ideal for:
  • Telecom BTS
  • Emergency lighting and Security
  • Trains, Railway and Airports
  • Power plants and power distribution control and monitoring systems
Tubular positive plates
Electrolyte immobilized in gel Excellent cycling performance,
also at elevated temperature
Deep discharge proof
18 years design life
Minimal gassing
Maintenance free without topping-up 100% Recyclable


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Technical Specs

Technical Features
  • Tubular positive plates, pressure cast from high tin / low calcium alloy
  • Electrolyte immobilized in gel structure
  • Highly porous gauntlets retain the active material
  • Pasted negative plates designed to have service lives consistent with the positive plates
  •  Separators with extremely high porosity and low internal resistance
  • Standard ABS plastic
  • Container and lid designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength made of thick walled plastics
  • Threaded female M10 terminal posts guarantee highest conductivity, maximum torque retention and easy installation
  • High integrity post seal design to prevent electrolyte leakage and terminal corrosion Fentering the battery
  • Cells equipped with one-way safety valves to allow excess gas to escape when overcharging
  • < 2% self-discharge per month at 20°C allows 6 months shelf life
  • Installation in vertical or horizontal position
  •  Flexible, fully insulated cable connectors with insulated screw with probe hole on the top for electrical measurement

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