Fiamm LM OPzS

OPzS 2V cells - 100Ah to 3.500Ah nominal capacity
Ideal for:
• IT and Telecom network operations
• Power plants and power distribution
• Emergency lighting and Security
• Automation & Industrial backup power
• Railway, Airport & Seaport signaling
• Other applications in areas with unreliable power 
  • Tubular positive plates
  • Dimensions according with DIN 40736 OPzS cells, compatible with existing installations
  • Outstanding cycling performance
  • Suitable for use at elevated temperature and reliable operation in difficult conditions
  • Optimized for deep discharge recovery DIN 43539T5
  • 20 year design life under float voltage condition
  • Also available in dry charged version
  • 100% Recyclable 

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Technical Specs

Technical Features
  • Positive Tubular Plates: designed with a low selenium lead alloy to reduce water loss and increase intervals between watering (36 months when operated under
  • float conditions).
  • The tubular design prevents the loss of active material during operation, resulting in longer operating life.
  •  Negative Flat Plates: rugged pasted grid construction designed to have a service life consistent with the positive plates.
  • Electrolyte: high purity sulfuric acid solution with 1.24 specific gravity at 77°F (± 0.01) when fully charged.
  • Separators: made with a high porosity / low resistance material for high efficiency and low self discharge rates.
  • Containers: made from an acid resistant transparent SAN material, designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength and easy cell status inspection.
  • Covers: made of an opaque ABS material.
  • Terminal posts: female threaded M10 terminal posts provide high conductivity, retain required torque values and allow for easy installation.
  • Post seals: developed with a high integrity design to pre-vent electrolyte leakage and eliminate terminal corrosion.
  • Vent Caps:  effectively prevents acid spray from the cell when ‘gassing’ during boost charge. Caps are provided with a ceramic filter and bayonet lock, designed to prevent any errant spark or flame from entering the cell.
  • Connectors:  flexible cable design is fully insulated and is provided with an insulated screw which allows for easy meter probe access.
  • Capacities: proven to exceed DIN standard nominal values.
  • Shelf life:  < 3% self-discharge per month at 77°F al-lows up to 6 months shelf life before boosting is required.
  • Installation: designed for vertical orientation.

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