Industrial Batteries - Classic OCSM

Energy delivery with high efficiency. Nominal capacity: 170 - 3804 Ah, design life 25 years

Technical Specs

Safe energy storage for stationary battery systems

Classic OCSM batteries are a powerful and reliable energy supply with high current discharge capability due to a unique negative electrode construction and excellent energy storage capacity over the exceptional long life.

Your benefis:

  • High current discharge capability – enhanced power output
  • High cyclic application capacity – longer lifetime
  • Low maintenance effort – saving costs
  • Completely recyclable – low CO2 footprint


  • Nominal capacity 170 - 3804 Ah C10
  • 25 years design life at 20 °C ambient temperature (80 % remaining capacity from C10)
  • Positive tubular plate and negative CSM (copper) plate technology
  • Also available in dry charged condition with separate electrolyte
  • Container made from high quality transparent plastics
  • Flame arresting ceramic plugs according to DIN 40 740 are available if required
  • Complies with the international standard IEC 60896-11
  • Manufactured in Europe in our ISO 9001 certified production plants
  • Low gassing due to antimony alloy < 3 % (EN 50272-2)

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